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Happy Little Yogis with Aimee

” Educators at Medowie Community Preschool highly recommend other centres introducing Yoga sessions with Aimee into their daily routines.
Aimee’s calm, kind and gentle nature is reflected through the children’s participation and it has been wonderful to observe how flexible they have become in completing a variety of yoga poses and positions. These yoga sessions have definitely assisted with improving the children’s self confidence and concentration skills.
Thank you Aimee for introducing Yoga to our Monday class”.
~ Michele and Staff at Medowie Community Preschool 

Please note: We are now taking bookings for Term 3 & 4, 2020 (for online yoga taught via Zoom only). If you would like to discuss running the Happy Little Yogis Program at your preschool or school please contact us and we will send you all the extra information and a quote for your school.

Happy Little Yogis Pre School Proposal – Outline

“If every 8-year-old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.” Dalai Lama

What is Happy Little Yogis?

Happy Little Yogis is a yoga class designed specifically for childhood development and enrichment. Classes encourage little ones to develop self-confidence and self-love through awareness and reflection.

Because yoga isn’t just for grown-ups!
The benefits of yoga for children are abundant and include:

  • Gentle guidance to help them live in their truth, from the heart
  • Encouragement of mindfulness in daily life
  • Simple strategies for slowing down and unwinding
  • Easy, fun tools for grounding and centring
  • Socialising with other kids and families in a nurturing environment

    The classes are physically energetic and animated to begin, incorporating exciting elements of music, dance, drama and lots of active imagination! We then slow down our flow to emphasise breathing, relaxation and intuition.Happy Little Yogis classes are full of fun, profound lessons on love, respect and connection with people, nature, animals and our beautiful world.

    Aimee Angelique: Course CoordinatorAimee is a passionate yoga instructor who believes whole-heartedly in creating an environment of nurturing acceptance and exploration for young yogis. She has created this a dynamic, vibrant, fun-filled class for children, which she has been teaching successfully for the past 3 years.

    In my experience, the earlier we get on the mat, the better!


  • Certified Yoga Instructor (Sukha Mukha Yoga Teacher Training)
  • Certified Kids Yoga Instructor (Karma Kids Yoga Teacher Training)
  • Certified Prenatal Yoga Instructor (Katie Manitsas Yoga Teacher Training)
  • Shine From Within Youth Mentor (Shine From Within)
  • Holistic Health Coach Diploma (Institute of Integrative Nutrition)
  • Diploma of Business Management.
  • Acting School – Meisner Technique (The Actors Pulse)

    Why Happy Little Yogis?

    The immense benefits of yoga and mindfulness in the social, physical and cognitive wellbeing of children is becoming increasingly apparent.

    Toddlers and pre-schoolers in particular need understanding and guidance as their limbic system and rational thinking develops from the basic functions of survival (anger, bonding and fight or flight) to the higher levels of the cerebral cortex (social interaction, empathy and emotional regulation).

    It has been proven that children learn best through modelling and adults who lead by example. Teaching young children social skills, emotional awareness, belonging and secure attachments, not only helps them navigate the challenges of childhood, but assists them in becoming happy and healthy teenagers and adults.

    But how can we as educators meet these vital emotional and cognitive needs for our students?

    Recent studies have shown that yoga and mindfulness, taught at a young age, teaches children self-awareness, self-regulation and mindful recognition of the present.

    Children’s yoga classes are vastly different from adult classes in that they encourage loud, fun, expressive and mindful movement.

    Early Childhood Framework:


    Children’s yoga creates an accepting and harmonious space where children can safely interact with each other in creative and imaginative actions. They experience the calming effect of breath on their bodies and this regulation of emotion encourages empathetic interpersonal relationships with others. Yoga is one of the few non-competitive activities for children and focuses on development of individual strengths and achievements.


    The notion of mindfulness is being present in the here and now. Children draw their awareness to their immediate surroundings and delve into visualisations that assist in not only improving focus but providing a retreat form the often overwhelming stimulus of the modern technological world. On a practical level children’s yoga also creates an awareness in young children of their bodies, improving balance, mobility and coordination, and the notion of left and right and development of gross motor skills and movement.


    As children develop, yoga can often provide an outlet for the frustrations of daily life as they learn to regulate and manage their emotional needs and responses. Yoga promotes listening skills that assist children as they learn and grow, allowing them to focus their minds and improve concentration.

The Program:

Happy Little Yogis classes run for 30 minutes and incorporate a series of creative postures, imaginative adventures, interwoven narrative, singing and deep breathing. Children are encouraged to participate verbally in the direction of the classes so be prepared for laughing, dancing, clapping, squealing and a whole lot of fun!


“I have been taking my 4yo daughter, Emily to Happy Little Yogi’s for one term. Yesterday we flew up to the Gold Coast to spend Easter with my family. The plane was noisy with kids screaming and general chit chat that comes with being on a full flight. I looked down at Emily and she is sitting cross legged with her hands in prayer position and she starts chanting ‘Ommmmm’! After a little chuckle I did find I felt a bit proud of my little yogi. Thank you Aimee. I am one very happy Yoga Mummy!!!” ~ Kristen (mother of Emily 4 years)

“My little boy loves Kids Yoga and I’ve seen beautiful changes in him, from calming techniques to a newfound love of Mother Earth.” ~ Kim (mother of Conway 3 years)

“My little girl loves Aimee’s classes and is always so engaged and happy. She even does her butterfly pose at home every morning!” ~ Sarah (mother of Sophie 20 months)


Please contact Aimee to discuss running the Happy Little Yogis Program at your school in 2019.

PH: 0421 853 126

Rates upon request – and are dependant on travel time.

Availability in the Port Stephens, Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Lake Macquarie and Sydney by request.

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